By Alexis Wolfer

Are you sorry, you’re not sorry?

Or are you not sorry you’re sorry?

If you’re like most women, you’re part of camp #2: those of us who unnecessarily apologize for, well, just about anything and everything.When entering a room or taking our share of the covers, we’re apologizing solely for the act of taking up our rightful space in the world.

Pantene, the same brand we look to for hair strength, is sparking a dialogue about how women subconsciously undermine their own strength by unnecessarily apologizing in their newest (and sure to be viral) video, Not Sorry.

Their mission: to educate and enable women to overcome bias and/or societal expectations so they may reach their full potential, as well as celebrate the many strong women in the world who exemplify the essence of Shine Strong. Kicking off with a collaboration with  the American Association of University Women (AAUW) for whom they will underwrite monetary grants and give access to influential leaders to enable women to be strong and shine, whether on college campuses, in the workplace or in the community.

Which the beauty loving feminists among us think is pretty rad.

Stop playing small. #ShineStrong.

For more information about the Shine Strong campaign can be found at  

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