By Isabel Foxen Duke

(Noun: 1. “junk in the trunk” 2. “a big ol’ booty”)

…a description that would have sent me into an F’ING TAILSPIN five years ago (or maybe even three years ago if I’m being honest).

The thing is, this guy actually wanted to have sex with me, so it was kinda validating when he said it.

Like, hell yea, my booty has some dimples on it, and it’s super sexy at the same time.

Crazy, right?

And I’m pretty sure he’s not a fetishist — it’s not that big.

I don’t think he’s “different” is my point.

I think he was just attracted to me…Isabel Foxen Duke, the human. 

…and it turns out my behind is a part of that package.

So I guess my ass is kind of awesome…and mostly because it’s attached to the rest of me.  

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