By Alexis Wolfer

When I first heard that Spanx was launching men’s shape-wear my first thought (well, after asking myself what men even know what shape-wear is, let  alone buy it), was whether this was brilliant or merely brutal. And maybe it’s both. But what message does it send?

As the modern-day corset breaks gender barriers, are we making progress or just taking new victims by expanding to the male gender pool? Is belly-binding any less absurd than foot-binding? Or is it merely a harmless tool to look our best? As a Spanx-wearing woman with my master’s in women’s studies, I’m not sure whether Spanx for men are leveling the playing field or just recruiting more members to the team of the overly body-conscious.

So I ask you this…

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No matter your opinion, I hope we can all work to shift our focus to health, happiness and wellness and strive to embrace our most beautiful selves inside and out, “flaws” and all.

See one way to embrace your curves here!

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