How To Bounce Back + Find Yourself

By Taylor Meadows

Turning 26 this year was a defining moment for me.

I opened my fabulous Girl About Town MAC lipstick (If you don’t have it, then you must purchase), spread it on my lips and jumped back when I saw myself in the mirror.

I said to myself, “It’s nice to see you again, Taylor. It’s been a while.” In other words, “This crazy, funny Southern girl is back.”

The year before I faced the typical female blunders.  The guy I loved blindsided me like a flour bomb at a fashion show. The internship I sacrificed my life for ended. Oh, one of my best friends split because my heart ache was too much.

Pass the dirty gin martini, hold the vermouth, and replace with extra gin.

Cut to me listening to Glee’s version of Kelly Clarkson’s Cry on repeat. I lost myself.

I stopped painting my nails, which was a huge deal because I judge bad nails. Yoga wasn’t the same, and my bright lipstick found itself covered in dust.

Tripping over your high heels and hitting the ground face first makes you start again. It was a year long reintroduction process, but I learned 3 ways to reintroduce yourself – to yourself – without filling a void with a new boyfriend, alcohol, drugs, shopping or food.

I call it the 3 R’s to reintroduction.

How To Bounce Back

Realize: Realizing the muck in your life is hard to do, but when you do you know it has to come out. First, I realized that I had a lot of Madea anger and pride in my life. Second, I realized that I hadn’t known myself for a while. Two painful things to realize, but I knew I had to do something about it. It’s not always leprechauns and rainbows when you open your eyes to realize you have become a person you don’t know.

Refine: After realization, you must refine. It’s like exfoliating your face to clear away the dead skin in order to start fresh. Girlfriend, listen, it’s time to look your issues in the face, work through them, and force yourself to do the things that made you you. You are still there, just underneath a lot of stuff.  It’s like yoga. You know you have been out of practice for a while, but you know your body is capable to twist itself into a pretzel. Refining essentially is relearning.

Rest: In my opinion, this is the most important “R”: rest. After every workout or yoga practice, you rest so your body can soak up the benefits. Feeling rejuvenated after rest permits you to see yourself more clearly. The person who was lost in the midst of defeat starts to shine through again.

Spring is here. The the leaves are starting to peek through on the the giant oak tree in my front yard.  It’s the same tree. But now it has refined leaves after a year of rest.

See yourself as a tree. Walk your rear outside and look at one for a hot second. Then inhale, exhale, walk inside and think about trying out the 3 “R’s.” You owe yourself to know yourself again.

The realized, refined, rested you is amazing.

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