To Adam. From Eve.

Enough Of This Feminine Insatiable Hunger Stuff. Enough Of This Patriarchy.

By Carly Wolfer

To: Adam

From: Eve

And on the sixth day, God created all the land animals and humans. Among them was you. God created man. Yet, where am I in that? For, without women, there is no life. Without woman, we would all be walking around naked with no shame, and since all man can do is think about naked woman already despite the social norm of wearing clothes every day, imagine everyone walking around naked and having to go along with your business. Try to cover that up with a leaf.

Genesis 2:18 says that God created woman because it was not good for man to be alone. That’s you. You were lonely, buddy, and you needed me, so don’t go around saying you are so independent and strong and masculine. I know you have a soft side, and there ain’t nothing wrong with that. Man needs companionship, and thus, here I am. Fortunately, or unfortunately, that is for you to decide.

I was told I was made from your side. Your rib apparently. Ribs hold the body together. They are a cavity of the lungs for oxygen and the heart for love and beats. I was made from what holds life together. So sorry not sorry I couldn’t say no to the snake. You could have said no to the apple, but you didn’t. Why am I the one notorious for succumbing temptation? Enough of this feminine insatiable hunger stuff. Enough of this patriarchy.

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