I Will Not Stand Silent On The Sidelines Of The Wrong Side Of History.

By Alexis Wolfer

I’ve been largely silent since the election.

Partly because I’ve been using my voice so damn much off of the internet that the words seem gone before I get to the computer type.

Partly because, I tell myself, this is a beauty and lifestyle website and it’s designed to elevate and inspire and, well, how dark should I really go.

But yesterday I was in a conference in LA – a conference with the leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement, the women behind the Women’s March on Washington, and about 75 other humans committed to leaving the world a more socially just place than they found it. Sure, for the first half of the day I wondered how my impact could possibly warrant my acceptance into this invite-only circle of social impact leaders. Did they really mean to ask me to be here, I wondered. The other people in the room have galvanized millions to take action, to do the right thing. And so, today – this morning, from my hotel room in LA before getting dressed to go to day 2 of this incredible gathering of humans – I commit to stand by our tagline: Bold. Brilliant. Beyond The Bullshit.

I commit to use my influence and privilege to stand up and stand tall.

Someone yesterday (I wish I could credit it to him/her but the day was so full of truth-bombs that I can’t recall who said it) said something along the lines of: we can’t ask the most vulnerable among us to stand the tallest. If you have little to lose, you have to stand up for those for whom the consequences are great. And that is what I will do.

I will volunteer my white-privilege because when asked, “what do you have to lose?” the answer is, well, not much. While my Pakistani friend who protests faces great potential consequences for her actions, my white privilege protects me from it.

In the past, I have sat out of the actions (the protests, the sit-ins, the rallies) not because I wasn’t informed or engaged with the dialogue and issues and a vehement supporter, but because it didn’t feel like “my flight” and I didn’t want to do what white people do all too often: show up and pretend it’s mine.

But yesterday I realized that showing up doesn’t mean appropriating. It means supporting. It means offering yourself to the front lines of someone else’s fight because you can take the bullet without consequences – and they can’t.

That’s what I’m going to be doing moving forward both here on TheBeautyBean where I commit to using my voice more to be what we stand for – Bold. Brilliant. Beyond The Bullshit. – and offline where I will be showing up and standing tall for what I believe in: an America of possibility and hope, an America of diversity.

And so, with the utmost respect for the office of the presidency, I say: Not My President. This is not the America I believe in. And if it means spending the next 4 years with knots in my stomach and tears in my eyes as I fight the injustices, so be it. My fellow humans deserve better and I will not stand silent on the sidelines as we watch our human rights infringed upon.

Will you?

First up: #NoMuslimBan

Here are 3 Things You Can Do To Help:

  • Protest at your local international airport today. Click here for more info (you may have to scroll down a bit, but they’re doing a great job of posting about local protests).
  • Donate to the ACLU
  • Educate others on why this is unconstitutional, unjust, and ineffective as a safety measure (it wouldn’t have stopped a single terrorist attack in the US!) – and a horrific human rights violation.

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