What Do You Think About Super Skinny Models?

Yesterday, I was asked by NBC to comment on the impact of the super-skinny model and whether or not the fashion industry has done enough to change the unrealistic (and, need I say, unhealthy) body ideals set forth by the industry. If you’re reading this, you most likely know where I stand. The mission of The Beauty Bean is, after all, to give women a place to get their beauty, fitness and fashion fix without the all-too-common focus on weight-loss (and without being inundated with airbrushed images).

While some people argue that Fashion Week, for example, is merely aspirational art and doesn’t impact us on a deeper level, my research shows otherwise. Women and girls are actually profoundly affected by the images they see in their monthly glossies and the bodies they watch walk the runway. Our self-confidence is affected and the way we treat our bodies is impacted – leading both to restrictively disordered eating (like anorexia nervosa) and to the obesity epidemic. We need to put the focus on health. We need to beautify, sweat, lust, nourish and pamper. We need to broaden the definition of beauty and show that worth isn’t measured by a number on a scale or a label on a dress.

See my clip from NBC here and please comment below. I would love to know what you think.


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