By Carly Wolfer

In honor of Eve Ensler’s “VDAY I Am An Emotional Creature” Campaign, we ask you this? What does your inner goddess have to say?

What My Inner Goddess Has To Say

To be a feminist,




Hold up a sign,

Turn off the lights.

That is where you are


Having “self-respect”

Does not

Mean depriving

Yourself of pleasure,

Of satisfaction.

Does not

Mean being uptight,

Closed off.

To what?

Prove self-respect

To the man trying to love you.

To What?

Call yourself a feminist?

It means




Your body

And teaching

That boy

And other girls

To love it


And don’t give me


“well I actually

Have respect

For myself”


Just because

You are sewing

Your legs shut.


You are also

Sewing your

Heart closed.

Its clamped,

And not even

The strongest boy with

The strongest claws can open it.

Because you,

You, my strong friend,

Are a feminist.

And that means

No sex

No pleasure

No smiling.

Because “you have


And what?

I am a slut,

A whore,

Sloppy because

I let him kiss me

I let him love me?

I tell you,

I have more self-respect

Because I love my body

And I let it be loved.

I do not deprive it of his

Calloused hands

Or soft breath.

No, I do not blame

Him for all

Feminine injustice

And inequality

In the world.

I let him in

And that?

That is strength.

That is soul.

That is something.

That is not your stubbornness.

To what?

Call yourself a feminist.

But, my dear,

One day

you will find

That in order

to stumble upon

the boy who

treats you

with respect,

he needs to

stumble upon

your lovely body

and love your heart.

So, I hope you let him.

Let him hold you.

Let him touch you

in real time.

Let him know you,

inside and out.

Let him get inside

that tiny body of yours,

that huge heart of yours,

and let him feel everything

he has to feel.

I beg you,

Open it up.

So, I ask you,

my dear friend,

to not just call

yourself a feminist,

but love yourself

and let him love it too.

Don’t fit the title,

But make the title,

Because what you are now?


An extremist.


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