No, You Do NOT Need To Lighten Your Vulva

There’s A New Skin Lightening Cream Designed For Your Vagina. We Wish We Were Kidding.

This was not part of TheBeautyBean’s “regularly scheduled programming” for this week, but, well, we just got an email asking us to review and cover a “skin whitening cream (mainly for intimate areas!)” and needed to vent.

There is no reason – NONE! – to worry about the color of your labia. Just like our face skin comes in all sorts of colors, so too do our genitals vary in hue.

(FYI, if it weren’t clear: we don’t think we should be worrying about lightening any skin on our bodies or faces.)

And, as I said to the man (who will remain nameless) who asked for us to cover such a thing, “Thanks, XXXX, but this isn’t something we’d cover. We’re all about female empowerment and don’t want to give women another thing to be worried about when it comes to their genitals.”

Too many of us have been consistently been bombarded with messages that make us feel like our bodies are projects in need of fixing. Hi: douches (pun intended). And we’re over it. We’ve been over it. Now we’re speaking up about it.

Because listen up ladies: some other websites/magazines/influencers will inevitably talk about this (even if just to say that it exists, without directly endorsing it or suggesting one use it) and, well, we wanted to be the first to say: Fuck Off.

Our vaginas are perfect just the way they are.

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