10 Ways Coconut Oil Can Boost Your Beauty Routine

Take coconut oil from kitchen to bathroom with these 10 beauty hacks that bring the benefits to your beauty routine. You’ve heard nutritionists tout the benefits of adding coconut oil to your diet (its higher smoke point makes it a healthier oil to cook with at high temperatures and it’s been shown to help burn [...]

All-Natural Hair Removal: DIY Sugaring Recipe

A Quick + Easy DIY Beauty Recipe For Hair-Free Skin All-Naturally, Affordably + Painlessly! When it comes to summer hair removal, shaving can leave you with unsightly stubble and waxing can be oh, so expensive and painful – and extremely difficult to DIY without risking a disaster! Whether you’re looking for a less painful hair [...]

Bacteria Can Cause Acne, But Can It Heal It?

If Jamie Lee Curtis has taught us anything, it’s that probiotics are some serious stuff. But if these “good bacteria” are the cure for all our tummy woes, is it possible they too could be the cure for all our skin care concerns too? Is it possible that all our efforts to kill the bacteria [...]