10 Healthy Easter Alternatives!

This Easter, you don’t have to pack on the calories to enjoy some festive grub. For some seriously tasty treats we’ve got twelve healthy easter alternatives that will have you wanting more. From gluten-free goodies to vegan delights, prepare to feast on these delectable finds. 1. MoPweeze Bakery Cupcakes Serve these allergen-free cupcakes ($3.50 each) [...]

Beauty Boosting H2O Recipe: Ginger, Mint + Lemon Water

Struggle to drink the 8 glasses of water per day recommended for optimal health (and beauty!)? Los Angeles based event planner and COO of DNA events, April Luca doesn’t just know all there is to know about making your next party a show-stopper, she also knows how to turn your next glass of H2O into [...]