Braid How To: 5 Steps To DIY A Mohawk Braid

Take braids from pretty to pinky with this quick and easy mohawk braid. By Courtney Leiva When you want to keep your hair off your face, but still want your hair cascading down your back, a sleek mohawk braid is the way to go. It works with any neckline, and showcases some serious attitude. To [...]

How To Pick The Best Hairbrush: 7 Hairbrushes For Every Hair Type + Style

By Courtney Leiva There are plenty of hairbrushes on the market, but (sadly, for our wallets anyway!) they’re not all created equal. And the consequences of not picking the right hairbrush are dire. (Okay, so “dire” is overstating things, but you get the idea!) Turn out, if you don’t know the best hairbrush for your [...]

4 Steps For Frizz-Free Hair That Really Work

Humidity have you pulling your hair out (and not just because you’re sweating profusely)?! Try these frizz-fighting hair tips for great hair days, in any weather. Humidity putting you at war with your hair? Fight frizz and win the battle of the locks for smooth, shiny and frizz-free hair with these 4 tips from Treatment [...]