From Subtle to Ke$ha: How To Apply + Wear Glitter Eye Makeup

By Alix Turoff There’s no reason why Ke$ha should be the only one having all the fun. (AKA: wearing glitter!) While full on glitter may be best-kept to bachelorette parties (or any other occasion that has you dancing on tables at 4am in vegas), when the mood strikes (even if it’s 2pm on a Tuesday), [...]

Skin Perfecting Makeup: The 411 on BB + CC Creams, Foundation Serums + More!

By Courtney Leiva Unlike the beauty products of yesteryear, today’s cosmetic breakthroughs properly cater to those who are looking for multitasking lifesavers, providing you with amazing coverage and saving lots of time. Case in point: skin perfecting creams! Hiding facial flaws (fast!) and offering sun protection (not usually found in most foundation-based products), these skin-perfecting [...]

5 Eyebrow Tips For Beautiful Brows You’ll Love

By Courtney Leiva Great brows can help add definition – and sometimes drama – to any face. Just ask Brooke Shields. Whether your brows are naturally bold or barely there, if you want to shape up your arches fast, European Wax Center is sharing some helpful eyebrow tips to get you beautifully browed: 1.  Went [...]