From Burnt Out to Blissfully Balanced In 7 Easy Steps

By Kelly Lynn Adams Whether your are focusing on your career, starting a family, building a business or simply just living your life day to day we can all experience burnout. The demands that we put on ourselves (and the demands of others) along with our fast paced, technology driven world can cause anyone to [...]

Want ‘Miracles Now’? (Who Doesn’t?!)

Gabrielle Bernstein knows that most of us don’t have tons of free time every day to devote to meditation or yoga. Sometimes it’s even a challenge to squeeze a 20-minute walk into a super busy workday. That’s why we’re so excited about her new book, Miracles Now, a collection of 108 life-changing tools to help [...]

7 Ways To Find Happiness at Work

By Amita Patel Work can suck. I’m not going to tell you to get a new job or be grateful that you have one. Instead, I’m going to share some tools to make it suck less. But first, let’s clarify something: Happiness at work is often correlated to having a sense of meaning. That doesn’t [...]