Ovarian Cancer: Know More, Do Better, Shop Smarter

Come October 1st, everything is about to get pink-washed. You know what we mean: when you see the pink ribbon adorning package upon package everywhere from the grocery store to the department store indicating a connection (even if ever so slight) to breast cancer awareness and or research. While we’ll always support awareness of any [...]

Your Value Doesn’t Depend On The Size Of Your Jeans

By Heather Regan It has never been true that the value of a human soul depended upon the size of your jeans (or the brand of your jeans for that matter,) yet I see it every day. Young women that are disgusted with themselves and with their bodies to the point of self-harm. I recognize [...]

Want To Have More Fun? Schedule It! (I Did!)

There are 1,000 things on your to-do list, but is fun one of them? By Christine Lellis Odds are, you spend a ton of time focused on your responsibilities, and fun happens “if you have time.” Scheduling fun sounds a little counterintuitive, (like when experts say to schedule sex). But, it turns out, those experts are onto something [...]