30 Life Lessons I Learned Before 30

By Alexis Wolfer This past weekend I turned the big 3-0. While some seem to feel immense anxiety at the thought of leaving their 20s, I was pumped to embark on a new decade. Over the last few days, though, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’ve learned so, without further ado, here are [...]

Weekend Getaways Simplified: 8 Packing Tips For Easy Travel

By Dayna Brandoff If you’re lucky, summer in the city means weekends (or at least one weekend) someplace else. Even packing for a just a brief weekend getaway, though, can seem nothing short of overwhelming. Here, we have 8 steps to the perfect weekend pack. Just one small duffel bag and a handbag and you [...]

86,400 Reasons To Try Affirmations

By Tricia Huffman, Your Joyologist Affirmations. You have probably heard of them but thought those aren’t for me. It sounded too hippy-dippy. Too woo-woo. Too self-help-esque. I get it. I am a somewhat reluctant hippy myself. Sure, I love doing yoga, drinking green juice, and living a life that I love. But I also love [...]