Role Models, Not Runway Models – A Trend or a New Wave?

By Lindsay Danas Cohen At the most recent New York City Fashion Week, I excitedly took in the scene as CEOs, website founders, political commentators, and entertainment moguls paraded before me in stylish ensembles.  These accomplished women – all of varying body types, races, backgrounds, and capabilities – were not merely strutting to their seats [...]

Boldly Taking on Fraternity Rape Culture: Cabri Chamberlin is FEARLESS

By Maureen Shaw There’s bold, and then there’s Cabri Chamberlin. If you aren’t familiar with her name, you should file it under your brain’s index of “fearless.” She epitomizes the very meaning of the word and is setting an example for sexual assault victims everywhere. Cabri is a Wesleyan University student who was raped in [...]

Is Puberty Education the Next Big Global Health Trend?

By Isabel Foxen Duke I recently had the opportunity to visit the UN to hear expert panelists bring attention to a global health issue that, to be honest, I hadn’t heard much about in my four years of liberal arts education and my myriad hours reading women’s online publications since then. I’m talking about puberty [...]