I Don’t Give a Fuck… Just Kidding, I Like Totally Do

By Laura Harvey I don’t give a fuck. Just kidding, I like totally do. Like probably more fucks than you do, but I don’t really know because maybe you give a lot of fucks too. I mean, you’re reading this, so the odds are good. Okay… I don’t give a fuck. But I also hope [...]

Ovarian Cancer: Know More, Do Better, Shop Smarter

Come October 1st, everything is about to get pink-washed. You know what we mean: when you see the pink ribbon adorning package upon package everywhere from the grocery store to the department store indicating a connection (even if ever so slight) to breast cancer awareness and or research. While we’ll always support awareness of any [...]

Talking Beauty Secrets + Empowerment with Tribe Alive

By Taylor Meadows Carly Burson and Ashley Faircloth are two women who recently waltzed into my life and made it sweeter than the sound of summer rain beating against the window. The funny thing is that I have never officially met these two amazing women in person, but I feel as though I have known [...]