How To Prevent Halloween Makeup Breakouts: 4 Acne-Fighting Tips

Gearing up for an epic halloween costume?! (Tweet us your pics, we wanna see!) Before you commit to a full-face of halloween makeup, and simultaneously commit yourself to a full face of zits come November 1st, listen up… We have the tips you need to ensure your skin stays crystal clear post halloween makeup so [...]

Chapped Lips? Try These 6 Picks For A Hydrated Pout

By Courtney Leiva Between the chill of winter and the dry heat of summer, it seems like our lips never catch a break. We’re not, though, destined for a lifetime of dry, chapped lips. For the utmost lightweight and nourishing lip balms to try, we’ve got six products for amazing moisture. From floral salve lifesavers [...]

Buy It/DIY It: How To Heal Scars + Fade Them Forever

Scars Scars, scars go away! (Don’t come back another day!) By Alix Turoff We all have scars. There was that time we fell off the swing set in pre-school, the burn we accidentally received when making pasta, the zit that we couldn’t help but pick…the list goes on and on. And those are just the [...]