Stop Sweating Naturally: DIY Deodorant

By Alexis Wolfer Unless you’ve lived a seriously sheltered life (and boy are you lucky if you have, well in this circumstance anyway!), you’ve likely encountered a serious case of B.O. at some point in your life. We’re not talking about the mildly sweaty scent of a properly protected and perfumed person who just happens [...]

Lips Chapped? 5 DIY Solutions For Perfectly Painted Puckers

By Alix Turoff Few things are less attractive than going in for a kiss with chapped, dry lips. And even if no kiss is in your foreseeable future, who wants to feel the burning sensation that’s seemingly par for the course with unkempt smackers? Sure, chapped lips tend to get more attention in the wintertime, [...]

2 Reasons To Add Honey To Your Beauty Rountine

Think honey should stay in the kitchen? Think again! Raw honey (a creamy, cloudy, unprocessed version of the kitchen staple) is one of the best all-natural skin savers. Here’s why… It’s antibacterial. Honey has been used for centuries as an all-natural antibacterial salve. Apply a bit to a cut or burn to kill bacteria and [...]