#FreeTheNipple: Tata Top Frees The Nipple At The Beach

If you’re in with the feminist movement these days, you’ve been hearing a lot about freeing the nipple. Men get to put their nipples on full display, but unless you’re vacationing in Europe (lucky you…) the only female nips you used to see were your own (or maybe those of a girlfriend or intimate partner). [...]

Period-Obsessed Tween Teaches Us All A Lesson In Celebrating Womanhood

HelloFlo Reminds Us Of Something You Likely Forgot 600 Boxes of Tampons Ago By Alexis Wolfer Whether you dreaded your first period or celebrated it, it’s about time we all take note from this “Cherry Slush Club”-obsessed tween (learn something new everyday!) and get a little more pumped about our “Ladies’ Days.” Vagina cakes and [...]

Pantene Says: Be Strong, Not Sorry

By Alexis Wolfer Are you sorry, you’re not sorry? Or are you not sorry you’re sorry? If you’re like most women, you’re part of camp #2: those of us who unnecessarily apologize for, well, just about anything and everything.When entering a room or taking our share of the covers, we’re apologizing solely for the act [...]