$1 A Day Keeps The Wrinkles Away

By Alexis Wolfer

What if I told you that donning a pair of mask-adorned sunglasses for just 15 minutes and $1 per day could make you look younger in less than a month? You’d want to try it, right?

I sure did!

So, when illuMask challenged me to try their at-home LED anti-aging mask for a month and report on the results, I couldn’t say yes quickly enough. And not just because of my irrational fear of wrinkles.

Rather because it seemed to be one of the most no-brainer beauty buys of all time, and I wanted to be able to share the news with all you Beauty Bean-ers!

You see, when it comes to tapping into the most scientific advances in anti-aging skincare (without getting all Frankenstein on your face, of course), LED light therapy is about as tech-savvy as it gets. It’s something I’ve done – and paid an arm and leg for – more times than I’d like to admit at a dermatologists’ office. (Actually, the retail value of my not-quite-J.Lo limbs is probably less, but that’s a whole other story!)

Never again.

Relying on red and infrared light both to even out skin tone and texture and to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, respectively, the LED anti-aging illuMask phototherapy mask gives you noticeably brighter, clearer and more radiant skin all in the comfort of your own home, in minutes!

Each $30 mask includes 30 treatments. Just put the mask on like you would a pair of sunglasses and hit the button on the remote. The visible red lights will turn on (the infrared ones are invisible) and, after 15 painless minutes of delivering uniform light to your face, the mask turns off automatically and you’re ready to go about your business. All you have to do is sit back and relax as the illuMask works to decrease inflammation, increase blood circulation, improve skin elasticity and stimulate the healing of skin tissues.  Literally, it’s as easy as sitting in front of a light bulb for 15 minutes.

4 weeks later, having used the illuMask for 15 minutes each day, I can say my skin texture and tone seems markedly improved.

Sure, I look like a beautifying serial killer in the making for a few minutes a day, but it’s well worth it!

illuMask, $29.99 at ulta.com

Sponsored by illuMask