When you’re stuck in the back of a taxi with a paper clip, credit card and a lip balm to your name you can make like MacGyver and try to pick a lock, start a fire and save the world – or you can take the advice of these 10 beauty bloggers and beautify 10 unique ways with just a tub of lip balm. So, pucker up, get beautified – and, heck, you may just save the world at the same time!

10 Unique Uses for Lip Balm

Lip balm is great for soothing rough, dry skin around your nose! If you’ve a cold and keep blowing your nose, eventually you’ll get patchy, rough, scaly skin. A little lip balm on your nostrils and it’s gone! ~ PJ Gach, BettyConfidential.com

Beauty balm works as cuticle cream in a pinch–just smooth it over dry nail beds and it’ll moisturize them! ~ Nadine Jolie, NadineJolie.com

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In a pinch, I use lip balm to reduce the friction from shoes by applying on the back of heels when not wearing hose or socks to help prevent blisters ~ Risi-Leanne, Palacinka.com

To protect your hairline during home coloring! ~ Genn Shaughnessy, gorgeousdarling.com

Besides applying it to my lips to keep them looking kissably soft and protected from the fierce winter winds, lip balm is perfect for post-shaving cuts. It takes away the pain and stops the bleeding in a matter of seconds so I don’t have to walk out of the house looking like Michael Myers got to me! – Brittany Roshelle Davis, wix.com/brit_roshelle

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I use my lip balm as to tame flyaways – seriously! Sometimes I rub a tad on my palm and use it to combat frizzies and it works wonders. I got the inspiration from Bliss Problem Salved 20-in-1 Wonder Balm that debuted a few years ago. ~ Charu Suri, BeautyStat.com

I use my lip balm that’s made with shea butter and beeswax on the cuticles of my nails. The ingredients add moisture and hydrate my cuticles, just like my lips. ~ Roshonda Payne, TheSavvySistah.com

A few more hand-healing tips!

If I had a busy night and I have forgotten to use to eye cream, I will dabble a bit of lip balm under my eyes. It soothes the area as well as moisturizes. ~ Lorna C. Solano, TheFabulousReport.com

To slick my eyebrows & to soften my cuticles! ~ Michelle Joni Lapidos, spaweekdaily.com

To moisturize the inside of my nostrils! As a frequent long-haul flier, I have discovered that the dehydration from re-circulated air in airplanes has some unusual side effects… so I escaped into the airplane lavatory, swirled a tissue in frantic circles around the inside of the tiny tub, and then applied it inside my now reddened and raw nose lining. Relief! Now I know to apply it early in each long flight to keep from getting red-nosed by flight’s end. ~ Malayna Dawn, WoW & SWeeT

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