At Home Facial Masks For Every Skin Type

A Facial Mask For Every Skin Concern

By Courtney Leiva

Whether your skin is unbearably dry or uncontrollably pimple-packed, there’s a face mask for pretty much every skincare concern.

To find your best mask match, here are 11 of the best facial masks to try for clearer, more hydrated skin in less than an hour!

11 Facial Masks To Try This Summer

For An Effective Wrinkle Buster…To restore lost collagen and elasticity back into your skin, use the Murad Age-Diffusing Firming Mask ($70) two to three times a week for firmer, tighter skin.

For Intense Moisture…If your skin is a bit on the dry side, let the Kora Organics Hydrating Mask ($48) help pump moisture into your skin. And with natural ingredients like Noni Extract, vitamins, and minerals, you don’t have to worry about unwanted irritation when treating yourself to one of these facial masks.

For A Burst Of Vitamins…Tired of lackluster skin coming between you and your beauty looks. To perk up your skin with a burst of vitamins, the Dermalogica Multavitamin Power Recovery Masque ($49) employs Vitamins A, C, E, and F to rejuvenate overworked skin.

For A Helpful Detox…To remove deep-seated dirt and impurities lingering beneath your pores, the Alaska Glacial Mud Co The Glacial Facial ($34) detoxifies, exfoliates, and softens your skin with 60 trace elements.

For A Natural Face Lift…Treat your skin to a natural face lift thanks to the Nip + Fab Bee Sting Lifting Mask ($9.99), which uses bee venom as a key ingredient to lift fatigued, sagging skin.

For Stressed Out Skin…To soothe and balance out stressed skin, the Aubrey Calming Therapy Clay Mask ($12.95) comes to your aid with organic and non-toxic ingredients.

For Dryness Rehab…Using Vitamin C to naturally hydrate your skin, the Phytomer Hydrasea Thirst Relief Rehydrating Mask ($49.50) goes on light and creamy, without weighing down your complexion.

For An Anti-Aging Sheet Mask…Sheet facial masks are a fast and easy way to treat your skin to at home and the Hada Lobo Ultimate Antiaging Facial Mask ($14.99) is no exception. Each pre-cut mask washes your skin in antioxidants galore for an anti-aging boost in a flash.

For Plumper, More Youthful Skin…Exfoliate, tighten, and cleanse your skin with the Stemology Cell Reboot Ageless Mask With Stem Core 3 ($85), which leaves your skin fuller and plumper with each and every use.

For Fast Exfoliation…Helping your skin naturally shed away dead skin cells, the Bioelements Kerafole Mask ($50.50) brightens skin with natural exfoliators.

For A Face Mask Sampler…Not sure which mask is right for your skin? With the nugg 4-Pack Soothe, Exfoliate, Hydrate & Cleanse ($12.99), you can have four, five minute facials right at your finger – er, facial – tips!