We all have a tub of Vaseline or tube of Aquaphor lying around – yet few of us know what to do with it other than perhaps use it as a moisturizer. Well, we’re here to change that! Here are 12 easy, affordable and unusual ways to beautify with Vaseline and Aquafor!

Remove Eye Makeup. If you have uber-sensitive eyes, super-stubborn mascara that just won’t budge or have merely run out of your usual eye makeup remover (and raccoon eyes aren’t the look you’re going for in the morning), apply a thin layer of Vaseline or Aquaphor to your eye area, gently massage to loosen leftover eye makeup and softly wipe away with a cotton pad or tissue. Leave a little extra on your eyes to hydrate eye area and protect lashes!

Cure Dry Cuticles. When you cuticles are dry and your trusty nail oil nowhere to be found (really, we can’t even tell you how many of those mini Solar Oil bottles we’ve misplaced), a tiny dab of Vaseline or Aquaphor will do the trick. Have dry elbows or knees? Vaseline or Aquaphor will work there too!

Fix Up Your Feet. When your heels are dry and cracked and, well, just gnarly, apply a thick layer of Vaseline or Aquaphor to your feet and cover with socks before bed.

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Turn Eye Shadow to Lipstick. When you’ve found that perfect pink for your pucker after searching for what seems like eons – yet it’s in powder form either as a blush or eye shadow – fret not! Mix a bit of your powdered color of choice with Vaseline or Aquaphor to make any eye shadow or blush into a lip-gloss. Plus, it will make for a very hydrating lipstick!

Make Lipstick Into Blush. Mix a bit of lipstick with Vaseline or Aquaphor to turn any lipstick into a cream blush. We particularly love this one for unifying any makeup look!

Protect Teeth From Lipstick. When you’re wearing a bold lipstick, ensure it stays on your lips and off your teeth by swiping a dab of Vaseline or Aquaphor on your chompers. It’s no wonder Beauty Queens swear by this tip!

Extend Perfume. Apply Vaseline or Aquaphor to your skin before spritzing perfume to keep it lasting for longer!

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Luminize. When you want a dewier complexion or just a hint of luminosity, dab Vaseline or Aquaphor on your cheekbones or brow-bones.

Enhance Nail Polish Shine. When we’re lucky enough for our polish to last longer than a mere 3 days, the last thing we want is a dull, drab lacquer. Rather than pulling out the top coat (and having to wait for it to dry), rub some Vaseline or Aquaphor into your nails to revive the sheen. (Added bonus: rub Vaseline or Aquaphor on the neck of your nail polish bottle to prevent it from getting stuck closed.)

Tame Eyebrows. No need to clutter your makeup bag with another product – instead, tame your brows with just a bit of Vaseline or Aquaphor.

Ensure An Even Tan. When using self-tanner it’s practically inevitable to have darker patched where your skin is dry – well, unless you preemptively protect those areas with Vaseline or Aquaphor. (Still fall victim to dark spots? Use lemon juice to help even them out!)

Conceal Split-Ends. Rub a bit of Vaseline or Aquaphor between your hands and run the excess through the ends of your hair to help conceal dull, dry and ragged ends.

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