2 Reasons To Add Honey To Your Beauty Routine

2 DIY Beauty Honey Hacks

Think honey should stay in the kitchen?

Think again!

Raw honey (a creamy, cloudy, unprocessed version of the kitchen staple) is one of the best all-natural skin savers.

Why You Should Add Honey To Your Beauty Routine

It’s antibacterial. Honey has been used for centuries as an all-natural antibacterial salve. Apply a bit to a cut or burn to kill bacteria and promote healthy healing. We especially like dabbing it on a pimple!

It’s a humectant. Too often the moisturizers we put on merely sit on the surface of our skin. Raw honey, though, is a natural humectant, meaning it will help to pull the hydrating properties of your favorite skin care products deep within your skin. Add a few drops to your night time moisturizer and watch your skin soak it up!

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