When was the last time you exfoliated your butt? Or noticed the dry skin on your back? Yeah, we didn’t think so. When dry skin makes an appearance on our legs or elbows, most of us are pretty good at whipping out the lotion and some of us are even pretty good about sloughing off the dead, dull and dry skin cells first. But when it comes to these 4 less-than-visible areas of our bodies, most of us fall short on the scrubbing scale. Here’s to changing that.

4 Areas You’re Not Exfoliating… And Should Be

Side-Butt. It’s an area few of us pay any attention to (other than at the gym, of course, or when examining our cellulite, which, ladies, we all have, so let’s stop wasting any more time on that ok?) but our side butt, because it’s so frequently ignored, is actually likely to be an area ripe with dead skin cells. Gross, eh?! Yeah, we thought so too when our esthetician at The Spa at The SportsClub/LA told us about this too. Use a loofa or exfoliating scrub to gently scrub away these dead cells and you may even reduce the appearance of that cellulite too in the process!

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Mid-Back. You know that stretch you do in yoga class where you reach one arm over you head and the other behind your back and under your shoulder in order to (ideally) have fingers touch mid-back? Unless you’re doing that with an exfoliating body scrub in the shower, you likely have clogged pores on your back, which can lead to less than smooth skin and even bacne. So, get scrubbing (and tricep stretching!) in the shower.

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Chest. For most of us, our face-care routine tends to end at our chins and our body-care tends to focus on our limbs, leaving our chests sorely left out. Even worse, though, our chests are often one of the first place to show signs of aging with sunspots and skin texture changes. To avoid this, gently exfoliate your chest as least once a week to promote cell turnover and bring your facial products down chest-side for further protection.

Scalp. When was the last time you thought about exfoliating your scalp? (If you’re anything like us, uh, never! Well, until now.) With more of us avoiding washing our hair, piling on the hair products and repetitively coating our locks with dry shampoo, though, our scalps are dealing with some seriously clogged pores, much like if we stopped washing our faces. The result: lackluster locks and slow growing strands. Exfoliate away the product build up and dead skin cells with Ouidad Mediterranean Bay Leaf Exfoliating Hair & Scalp Treatment ($36) once per week, though, and you’ll encourage a healthier scalp as well as healthier hair that – get this! – grows faster!

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