3 Healthy Cocktail Recipes for Better Skin

We all have our skin concerns. Between breakouts, wrinkles, sun spots and redness it’s a wonder anyone wakes up feeling great about their complexion! So, what’s the secret of those who do? Their alcoholic beverages of choice!

Okay… it’s more complicated than a happy hour cocktail, but what if we told you that your alcoholic beverage choice could make a huge impact on your skin? (You’d keep reading, right?) Well, here’s a secret radiant beauties Mila Kunis and AnnaLynne McCord are already in on: beauty boosting cocktails by celebrity esthetician and skin care expert Scott-Vincent Borba, perfect for your next skin soiree (or just a regular ‘ole Makeup Free Monday night).

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3 Healthy Cocktail Recipes for Better Skin

Cheers to Crystal Clear Skin The Borbanade Borbatini combines 1.5 oz. of vodka, 4.5 oz. of lemonade and .75 oz. of BORBA’s Clarifying Skin Balance Water into one deliciously tart treat targeted to remove toxins and improve the overall clarity of the skin!

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Toast for a Flawless Face… “Alcohol consumption can dehydrate the skin, leaving it feeling limp and dull. Rather than diluting your cocktails with traditional ice cubes, though, make beauty boosting ice cubes by freezing BORBA’s Clarifying Skin Balance Water into ice cubes. Not only will they add a decorative twist, but also they’ll add both a fruity flavor and beauty-boosting benefits too!

Sip from the Fountain of Youth… Mix equal parts and BORBA’s Age Defying Skin Balance Water for a cocktail designed to counteract the dehydrating effects of alcohol while simultaneously softening fine lines, increasing elasticity and enhancing your natural glow.

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