3 Home Facials With Spa-Like Results

By Alix Turoff

Realizing that not everyone lives in a city with ample access to luxurious spas, leads a life with adequate time for pampering (at least not at conventional hours anyway) or has the paycheck to support such a habit, we set out to help bring the spa to you with our favorite at home facials. Here, 3 facials you can give yourself when you have time to relax (even if it is only at 2am).

Is it safe to wax there at home?

My Face Works “I Need A Quickie” Facial, 6 for $55, myfaceworks.com
MyFaceWorks is a facial line of “sheet” masks that are convenient and mess-free. The line includes 12 masks, but our personal favorite was the “I Need A Quickie” sheet. They’re the perfect addition to the busy girls makeup case. This mask is meant to “lift, moisturize and refresh in less than 10 minutes” and is best when used prior to applying makeup. After using the mask we noticed our skin looked much brighter and our makeup went on more evenly than ever before. The sheet is cut in the shape of a face which makes it easy to apply at any time. No “green-faced” horror stories where you answer to the door for a date only to remember that you forgot to take off your face-mask!

EGF Reactivator Epidermal Growth Factor, $20-$250, 365anyshop.com
This facial kit has some major science behind it. To make a long story short, Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) is a protein that can improve the regeneration of aging cells to improve the quality of the skin. The EGF Solution stimulates the growth of new skin cells, for anti-aging effect, while the EGF sheet facial mask reduces fine lines around the mouth and the eyes. The Double Action Perfect Aging Control Cream accelerates tissue repair, the Wrinkle Firming Serum tightens the skin and relaxes the face and the Triple Action Eye Complex reduces the appearance of undereye circles. Finally, the Intensive Toner moisturizes the skin and finishes off the cleansing process. After going through the routine once, we already felt 5 years younger!

Would you ever get this facial?! Click here to see what it is!

Canyon Ranch Your Transformation RECOVERY Intensive Moisture Mask, $95, saks.com
Assuming a trip to one of their lux spas isn’t part of your summer plans, this mask will get you close (well, maybe not “you,” but your skin anyway)! Formulated with a proprietary blend of ingredients, (including squalene for softening, sweet almond oil and rice brand oil for conditioning, sodium PCA for moisturizing and linoleic acid for moisture retention) this intensive treatment mask is designed to prevent signs of aging and sun damage all the while instantly hydrating, strengthening, and revitalizing the skin.

Another at-home Canyon Ranch facial we love!