3 Skincare Products Unexpectedly Causing Wrinkles & Skin Cancer

You lather on the sunscreen, look for makeup with SPF and wear hats when exercising outdoors. You think you’re doing everything right. But, as holistic esthetician Pamela Bond explains, you could be making these 3 beauty blunders, inadvertently increasing your sun damage.

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Lip Gloss. Shiny, glossy lips may look pretty when lounging poolside, but in much the same way oil on your skin increases sun damage, lip gloss similarly reflects the sun’s rays, increasing your sun exposure. The solution: look for lip products with SPF for protected puckers.

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Perfume. Some perfumes contain bergamot, a fragrant fruit that is photosensitive, meaning that it can cause brown spots on your skin when it combines with the sun on your skin. The solution: spray perfume on your clothes instead of directly on your skin.

Skincare. Vitamin A based skincare products (like retinols and Retin-A) may be great for clearing acne and softening fine lines and wrinkles, but they also make your skin extra sensitive to sun. The solution: take extra care with your SPF application and wear a wide-brimmed hat.

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