3 Toning Mists We Love

Toning Mists For Every Skin Type

By Courtney Leiva

Need a morning cup of Joe to get you thru the day?

Well, between sweat, dirt, and constant exposure to the elements, our skin often needs it’s very own double espresso to help it make it throughout the day.

That’s why beauty pros and rookies alike are turning to the latest toning mists to give their complexions that extra pep it needs for instant refreshment.

Whether you prefer soothing toning mists or vitamin-rich dry oil, we’re showing you three different products, and how to implement them properly into your everyday beauty routine

If your skin is dry…
Dry oils make a fast skin refreshing product, adding lost moisture and antioxidants back into a sallow-looking complexion. For a beauty must-have that truly delivers, the M. Steves Ultra-Nourishing Boost ($64) firms fine lines while using pure, cold-pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil to properly hydrate your face. Finish with your daily moisturizer or night cream, and your skin is a good as golden. We especially love this toning mist post-sun exposure!

If your skin is normal…
Even the most normal, balanced skin can use some love! Whether your favorite workouts at the gym leave your face looking rosy or you just want your complexion to look and feel fresh and clean, try the Kelly Teegarden Organics Alive-Rosewater Toner ($18). It’s an especially great gym-bag staple as its healthy formula helps refine pores and balance the skin’s pH levels. It’s also a complete lifesaver throughout your workday. Just spritz on this gentle mist while walking to and from the office, or whenever your face feels it needs a lift.

For you’re acne prone… Toning mists are great for warding away sweat and acne causing bacteria. After cleansing, spray your skin with the Boots Organic Rosewater Toning Spritz ($8.39) to remove lingering traces of makeup and dirt from your face. With skin-calming ingredients like organic rosewater, your face will feel smooth and toned with continued use. Afterwards, follow with your favorite serum or moisturizer for best results.