From acne-clearing pads to a 30-day kit, these are the 3 acne-clearning products to try for pimple-free, clear skin stat!

By Courtney A. Leiva

Whether you’re stressed over your first zit or wondering how to deal with skin that’s struggling to compact both acne and aging all at the same time, it’s time to tell acne who’s in charge.

Sure, you may have your trusty acne favorites, but once your skin gets used to a product, it may not work as well as it once did. To change up your daily routine yet get an effective acne-fighting treatment, we put these wonder products to the ultimate acne-fighting test.

ZO Skin Health Offects TE-PADS Acne Pore Treatment ($45)
For extremely clogged pores, treat your oily and acne-prone complexion to these salicylic acid soaked pads. Helping remove dead skin cells and excess dirt, users can expect to see fewer breakouts as well as tighter and brighter skin. And unlike most salicylic-acid containing products, this gentle and botanical formula calms any irritations and inflammation.Each morning and night, gently massage a pad onto the face until the pad is completely dry.

Skinfo Medicated Acne Gel 10% ($15) If you have just a few pimples, rather than over-dry your whole face in the hopes of treating a few pimples, try a spot-treatment! This Skinfo benzoyl peroxide gel makes a great bathroom cabinet staple as it’s fast acting formula zaps zits without drying out the skin.

Murad Acne Complex 30-Day Kit ($35) Need to jump start your skincare for clear skin stat? Give your face 30-days of acne-clearning love with Murad’s 30-day blemish-fighting system. 92% of users see marked improvements in just 3 days and, well, if you see results that quickly you can only imagine how crystal clear your skin will be after using this 5-piece kit that includes a cleanser, treatment gel, matte SPF, lotion, mask and spot treatment for a whole month!

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