5 Body Washes + Shower Gels For A Better Clean

5 Shower Upgrades

By Courtney Leiva

Treating yourself to a shower can be more than just a way to get clean, thanks to state of the art beauty breakthroughs that give skin that silky, smooth feel and you a spa-like experience.

Here are 5 body washes and shower gels we’re loving now…

If you have super dry skin... pick up Dove Go Fresh Nutrium Moisture Body Wash ($7.49). It’s suitable for all skin types, but because it’s formulated with Nutriummoisture Technology it will allow you to kiss dry and chapped skin goodbye with continued use. Plus, it’s available in a variety of sweet smelling scents.

If you prefer that trusty bar of soap… The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Massage Soap ($6) is a must-try! Not only is it made with Community Fair Trade Wild Argan Oil for hydrated skin, but also it’s outfitted with massaging bumps, making it especially great all of us who are stressed out, tense, and riddled with knots. Better yet: this budget-friendly pick is great for eco-conscious beauty shoppers too.

If you’re craving a spa day… turn your regular old shower into a destination spa-like experience with the H20 + Spa Sea Amber Body Wash ($18), which transfers sea botanicals and luxurious oils to your skin upon use – all encased in the scent of harmonious spices to uplift your mind and spirit.

If you need your shower to energize you… get down with the scent of citrus and let Demeter Orange Blossom Pick-Me-Up Shower Gel ($20) wake you up with its burst of gentle blooms.

If you’re all about the squeaky clean… Neutrogena Rainbath Renewing Shower & Bath Gel ($7.19) boasts a rich lather that not only gets you head-to-toe clean in minutes with its odor-neutralizing formula, but also is made to clean without leaving residue so you’ll feel super-duper fresh all day long.