6 Beauty Devices You Never Knew You Needed (Err, Wanted)

By Courtney Leiva

You want to best beauty results possible, but do you have all the right tools?

Probably not. (Heck, we didn’t even and we do this for a living!)

From filtering showerheads, to handy makeup cards that create runway-ready eye looks in a flash, check out our favorite must-haves of the moment.

1. Earth Therapeutics Precisso Beauty Blending Sponges ($3.90)
With this simple and inexpensive tool, makeup application can be precise and  absolutely flawless each and every single time. Just wet the sponge a bit, squeeze out the excess water, and use the dampened brush to apply on foundations, BB creams, and other liquid products onto your face for a flawless finish fit for a beauty queen.

2. Glo Science Glo Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device ($199)
Brighten up your pearly whites with this at-home teeth whitening system, which can whiten your teeth up to five shades without unwanted sensitivity for an even more radiant smile, beauty!

3. Ollie Girl The Makeup Guard Card ($8.95)
Finally liquid liners and precise eyeshadows don’t have to be a pain in your beauty butt with these unique makeup guard cards that act as a helpful guide, to ensure you achieve those tricky makeup looks (without the need for loads of makeup remover).

4. T3 Source Showerhead ($130)
Filtering out beauty damaging elements from your water, this showerhead improves overall hair and skin health with its special filtration process.

5. foreo Luna For Sensitive/Normal Skin  ($199)
This sonic powered cleansing tool uses T-sonic pulsations for deep and gentle cleansing plus lower-frequency pulsations to reduce the signs of aging, giving you a gentle and effective clean whenever you need it most. And you never have to change the brush head either!

6. Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X ($449)
Stopping hair growth in its tracks, say hello to smooth and clean results with continued use. Being the only FDA-approved, at-home hair removing system on the market, shaving and waxing has finally met it’s match.

7. Panasonic Heater Eyelash Curler ($24.99)
Take your lashes to epic new heights with this heater eyelash curler that does for your lashes what a curling iron does for your hair: adds epic beauty!