Bye-Bye Breakouts: 6 Solutions For Adult Acne

6 Effective Ways to Cure Adult Acne

For many, the word “acne” conjures up images of teenagers in clichéd movies and TV shows. And, while acne is certainly something that affects young people whose skin tones change as they grow, it doesn’t see age. In other words, it’s just as common for grownups to suffer with adult acne — though they don’t get as much treatment attention as their younger counterparts.

We’re here to change that by providing insight into the following six methods designed to cure adults who suffer from acne. Whether you’ve had spots since your teenage years or are just now experiencing them as a grown-up, it’s time to achieve clear skin once and for all. Here’s how to do it:

6 Effective Remedies For Adult Acne

Dietary Swaps

It’s a bummer for bread lovers, but it might be worth it for clear skin: research has shown that foods like white bread and chocolate can spike your blood sugar and insulin levels. This boosts the amount of male hormones in your system, which can lead your skin to break out. Stick to low-glycemic foods to avoid the sugar rush.Research has also shown that dairy products and foods high in salt can also affect the landscape of your skin. If your diet is laden with processed carbs, dairy and salt, try an elimination-style diet to see which one has the greatest effect on your skin tone and try to avoid that food group as much as possible.

Tea Tree Oil

There are natural remedies for acne that you may not have been aware of, and tea tree oil is one of the most effective options. The oil comes from the leaves of an Australian tree and has been lauded for its antiseptic qualities for years. In fact, research has shown it to fight against 37 of the 32 strains of bacteria that cause adult acne. That’s why it’s more prevalent in face washes and serums today — be sure your selection contains at least five percent tea tree oil in order to experience visible results.


Exfoliation helps your skin in a number of ways. It sloughs dead cells and dirt to unclog pores; it also boosts skin cell turnover rates, which means you’ll be dewy and glowing with regular practice. Obviously, both of these benefits will help you fight acne. All you have to do is determine how often you should exfoliate, which depends on your skin’s sensitivity to the process. Most people need only two or three treatments per week to reap the benefits.

Stress Management

It might sound like a lofty goal to some grown-ups, but it’s worth the effort. Stress exacerbates so many bad-for-you conditions like acne. It’s not for sure, but many believe that the stress hormone cortisol causes increased inflammation, which, in turn, causes you to experience bigger blemishes. Fortunately, many before you have worked to fight stress and have come up with myriad ways of doing so. Meditate, exercise, journal… do whatever it takes to take your stress level down.

Prescription Medication

Your doctor or pharmacist might also be able to recommend medication to aid you in your anti-acne cause. Any medication that affects your hormone levels — think: birth control pills — can diminish the appearance of adult acne. The same goes for antibiotics and other prescription medications created in order to improve the health and appearance of skin. Sometimes, these remedies take a few months to balance your hormone levels or skin tone, so don’t expect an overnight fix; in fact, you could probably use them in tandem with a facial cleanser or other treatment on the list for speedier results, though you should consult with your doctor beforehand.

Laser Treatments

Sometimes, adult acne doesn’t simply subside with the above treatments: scars from uneven skin remain and will stay unless you do something about them. Fortunately, advancements in laser technology allow doctors to soften the appearance of bodily scars in as little as eight weeks. Laser light is gentle enough to smooth any area of your body, too, so you can diminish your acne scars wherever they may lie.

This very real, very adult problem now has six potential solutions. All you have to do is hone in on the one(s) that caught your eye and put them into practice, relying on the advice of a skincare professional for added reassurance. It’s time to enjoy the skin you’re in, as every confident adult should.

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