By Alexis Wolfer

Hot Showers. When the weather chills and you feel cold to the core, jumping in a steamy shower or piping hot bath can feel oh so good. It relaxes your muscles, soothes your winter chill and feels nothing short of relaxing… until you get out and realize your skin is practically parched. Instead, turn down the temperature and keep your showers to under 10 minutes. Your body may miss the steam, but your skin will thank you!

Using The Same Facial Products. The facial cleanser that got your through summer (and even fall), blemish free should be shelved in your medicine cabinet until the weather starts to warm again. Soap based cleansers may work magic on your face in the warm weather, but as the humidity drops and the dry heat starts pumping, make sure you use a hydrating cleanser and up your moisturizer. (Yes, even those of you with acne-prone skin need to moisturize – or you’ll risk clogged pores – and even breakouts – caused by dry skin!)

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Skipping SPF. You may not be laying out in the sun or even spending as much time outdoors, but that doesn’t mean your skin doesn’t still need protection. Even just walking to and from work can add up to loads of wrinkle-causing sun damage. Hesitant to lather on the sunblock all winter long? Look for a facial moisturizer or foundation with SPF, like Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup SPF 20 ($13.99).

Forgetting Your Feet. Pedicures may be pricey, but neglecting your boot-bound feet all winter long will only make whipping your tootsies into sandal shape more difficult come spring. Try to get a pedicure every 6 weeks or treat yourself to a DIY pedi by soaking your feet in a mixture of warm water and milk (the lactic acid will help loosen dead, dry skin!), removing the dead skin with Tweezerman’s Sole Mates Foot File and Smoother ($20) and moisturize with a cream like AHAVA’s Mneral Foot Cream ($19).

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Over Bronzing. We all want a healthy glow, but using your summer bronzer is bound to look ridiculously Snooki-like. For a more natural look, mix you summer foundation with moisturizer to dilute the shade or buy a new, lighter hue for the winter months.

Neglecting Your Neck. You’re likely remembering to (naturally) bronze your face (see above!) and blush your cheeks, but don’t forget your neck. While it’s true that your neck will always naturally be a bit lighter than your face, a white neck and tanned face is never in style.

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