No matter your skin type (dry, red, uneven or prone to breakouts!) we have you covered with the quickest and easiest time-saving skin perfecters on the market!

By Alix Turoff

Feeling the winter chill? If you’re like us at The Beauty Bean, the dead of winter has you hitting snooze just a bit more often, spending more time cuddled up in bed and generally feeling the lazy days of winter beauty.

The key to indulging in this winter laziness while still looking and feeling your best? Multitasking skin perfecting products!

So, get cozy, hit snooze and still look like you spent hours beautifying with these skin perfecters to make getting ready on those cold winter mornings a cinch!

7 Multitasking + Time-Saving Skin Perfectors For All Skin Types

If You Have Clogged Pores… Try Origins Smarty Plants CC SPF 20 ($35). Wind blown skin and pollution-clogged pores are child’s play for this CC cream packed with antioxidants to neutralize pigment and bring back radiance to the skin. Whether your skin is oily and prone to breakouts or just so damn dry it’s clogging itself, this CC cream perfects the skin by turning environmental damage into non-breakout-causing hydration.

If Fine Lines Are Your #1 Foe… Try Hydroxatone’s Anti-Aging BB Cream ($39). It not only works as a foundation and concealer, but it also has SPF 40 and moisturizer to help calm irritated skin. This product is packed with Vitamin C, an antioxidant that fights free radical damage and stimulate collage synthesis to firm and lift skin. Special ingredients increase skin vitality, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and gives the skin an overall glow, making foundation an unnecessary step.

If Your Skin Is Super Sensitive… Try Tammy Fender’s Spontaneous Recovery Creme ($165). Whether you suffer from rosacea, eczema, psoriasis or even just have dry or sensitive skin, Tammy Fender’s Spontaneous Recovery Creme will be your new best friend. This recovery creme is packed with nutrient-rich plant butters, oils and herbs that lock in hydration and soothes skin cells to immediately restore radiance to the skin. The anti-inflammatory benefits of lavender and metricaria will calm the skin thanks to it’s anti-inflammatory benefits, rose hip will help maintain elasticity and helichrysum will stimulate new cell growth.

If Redness Has You Green With Envy… Try Stila’s CC Cream ($44). With a green hue, it conceals redness and hyper pigmentation for and softens fine lines or wrinkles. Not only that, but it offers SPF protection against harmful rays and also provides up to 3 days of hydration. The amount of coverage is up to you thanks to the buildable nature of this color corrector.

If Uneven Skin Tone Has You Feeling Unbalanced… Try Jane Cosmetics’ Multi-Colored Correcting Powder ($12). With every color you need to balance and correct uneven skin tone, the peach and pink in this compact will brighten skin, while green will reduce redness and purple will give yellow undertones a boost. This powder is also packed with Vitamin E, an antioxidant rich vitamin that will protect skin from environmental damage. If you have oily skin, keep this in your purse so you can touch up throughout the day and control shine.

If Under Eye Circles Get You Down… Try Dermablend’s Quick Fix Illuminator ($25). Too much partying or too many late nights spent at the computer can wreak havoc on the under eye area, creating unsightly dark circles and shadows. Dermablend’s Quick Fix Illuminator provides light coverage for the under eye area to hide any signs of fatigue that the eyes may give away. This illuminator reflects light and covers any imperfections to impart a youthful look to the skin.

If Your Makeup Routine Is A Time-Suck… Try BECCA’s The One Perfecting Brush ($49). As multitasking ladies, we love a brush with similar goals and this all-in-one brush cuts the makeup application time in half by eliminating the need for 10 other types of brushes and tools. Use this brush with anything from liquids to creams to powders and for foundation to blush, to bronzer. The handle shape allows for precise control during application so that you can create the exact look that you want.

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