8 Waxing Tips from the Pros

By Alix Turoff

Finding a place to relax in New York City can be difficult. What, with all the hustle and bustle of city light, the constant noise, the people, the pollution it sometimes seems like there’s no escape. So, it should come as no surprise that we were immediately attracted to the mere name of Oasis Day Spa (http://www.oasisdayspanyc.com/). So, we made an appointment for a waxing – we know, we know: not exactly what you think of when you think of relaxing!

Hoping to add just a bit of calm to one of the least calm beauty treatments out there (since corsets and foot-binding anyway), we entered the subterranean, candle-lit Oasis Day Spa with tea in hand and cellphone off. While obsessively refreshing our emails sometimes helps get us through this modern-day torture device, our aesthetician was the ultimate waxing pro, so, naturally, we had to grill her about her best waxing tips so that we could share them with you.


She then told us about the different types of wax available at Oasis. Both, she said are The After she let us in on the sanitary procedures, we were good to go. The following are the tips we picked up during our time at Oasis.


Tip 1: Always let your aesthetician know if you are using any over-the-counter topical exfolianting products or dermatologist prescribed products like Retin-A or Accutane to ensure your skin is ready for waxing.

Never get ingrown hairs again!

Tip 2: Know your wax. There are a few different kinds of wax on the market, and while both are suitable for sensitive skin, each is better suited for certain areas. Soft wax, the version you’re likely most familiar with (removed with a muslin strip), is better for large areas. The French hard wax, on the other hand, which is applied to skin, allowed to cool and then removed without a strip, is better for smaller areas with coarse hair (such as the bikini line).

Tip 3: Make sure that the salon where you are receiving your wax does not “double dip.” Check to see that your waxer is using a new applicator and throwing the old one out each time she touches your skin with the wax

Tip 4: Want to know the trick to making your wax last longer? Get waxed more often! The more times you wax an area, the less hair will grow back.

Does waxing really make hair grow in finer? Find out here!

Tip 5: Never wax a sunburn. If you wax a sunburned patch of skin, the skin will likely come right off leaving your legs raw and exposed.

Tip 6: Do you find that you are extra sensitive to waxing? You may need to lay off the alcohol and caffeine for a few hours before your wax. Stay hydrated and avoid these triggers, which have been shown to exacerbate sensitivity.

Tip 7: To make your aestheticians job easier, take a warm to hot shower before your appointment and exfoliate to open your pores. The temperature of the water softens hair so that it can be easily removed and getting rid of dead skin cells will lead to a better post-waxing result.

Tip 8: Does your skin turn red after a wax? Rub on some aloe vera gel or tea tree oil to reduce inflammation and ease any pain. And an Advil never hurt anyone!

Should you DIY wax or leave it to the pros?