5 Ways To Treat Adult Acne All-Naturally

By Yancy Lael

The mind-body connection has been debated for decades. But thanks to countless medical studies, no one can deny that stress has a negative effect on our health and wreaks havoc on our skin, causing adult acne.

In 2003, the Archives of Dermatology published a study out of Stanford University that documented students’ propensity to breakout just before exams (AKA when stressed out!).

The Cliff’s Notes version: stress = a higher likelihood of breakouts.

But what if we told you it wasn’t just stress causing adult acne, but also that low self-esteem or even anger could be causing your acne!?

Turns out, low self-esteem leads to thoughts and behaviors that are unhealthy, like self-criticism and lack of exercise, for example. Unresolved conflicts, unhappy work circumstances, and unhealthy relationships all create a build-up of resentment, bitterness, anger, and frustration. And don’t forget the side effects of depression, or grief, or an over-packed schedule. Every single one of these things manifest as stress in the body and, as we already know, stress = a higher likelihood of adult acne.

The fact is that our health, including the health of our skin, is affected by an extraordinary number of circumstances, including our thoughts and emotions.

So, want banish those breakouts? Get healthy skin and banish adult acne by healing the inside as well as the outside. Here’s how…

How To Get Rid Of Adult Acne Naturally

Get your inner world cleaned up.
Start meditating, tapping, practicing yoga or take up another stress-busting activity (like boxing!). Get your friends together to support each other in being accountable about how you speak about your appearance and your life – keep it positive and ditch the self-criticism! If you have a spiritual practice, dive deeper into it with books, classes or a spiritual teacher. Unsure where to start? Click here!

Give your day planner a thorough sweep.
Dump the commitments that don’t serve you and cause you stress. Downsize your extra-curricular activities to only those that nurture your heart. Rethink your social obligations to people who no longer make you feel joy or who bring you down with criticism or negative attitudes.

Forgive and accept.
No easy task, to be sure, but forgiveness and acceptance help us let go and stop fighting, which means our stress levels take a dramatic dip. This may be one you have to work on every day, but as you make progress, you’ll see the results from your attitude to your appearance!

Audit and take action.
Take the time to figure out what’s not working out in your life. Many times, we just let those irritations and unhappy circumstances slide by, hoping they will change. But they won’t change until we figure out what’s wrong and take action to make things better.

Commit to self-love.
Nothing, absolutely nothing, is going to change without some serious self-love. If you are more committed to criticizing your appearance, to settling for second-best, to letting people take advantage of you, to working yourself to exhaustion, then your skin is going to show it. If you want glowing skin (and a happy heart), you’ve got to make self-love your number one priority.

True healing is always going to be a process. Just remember to take stock of what’s going on inside before you start trying to fix the outside.

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