Anti Aging Foods + Other Secrets Found In Your Kitchen

5 Anti Aging Foods For Beauty In Your Kitchen

By Courtney Leiva

We may have our skin care products that save us from a beauty disaster or two, but truly radiant skin starts in the kitchen with what we put inside our bodies. Sure, some of the best creams and serums may have exotic and precious ingredients inside, but nothing really beats good old kitchen cures for flawless beauty. For amazing staples that will surely perk up your skin, try any of these favorites below!

Anti Aging Foods: Camu Camu
A berry from the Amazon region, Camu Camu packs the highest recorded amount of natural vitamin C known on the planet, as well as tons of other vitamins and minerals essential to keeping you looking and feeling young. Why, you ask, do you need such mega doses of Vitamin C (other than for fighting off colds, of course)? Well, Vitamin C, while an immune booster, is also also a crucial building block for collagen, which gives skin its elasticity. Not enough Vitamin C in your diet and collagen breaks down and wrinkles ensue. No Camu Camu in your kitchen? (Ours either!) Check out supplements such as Amaçari, one of the first supplements made from 100% camu camu to help combat wrinkles from the inside out.

Anti Aging Foods: Tea
Teas are packed with anti-aging antioxidants both when consumed as a beverage and when applied topically. More specifically, white tea and green tea are rich in epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). Want to take tea from mug to face? Mix green and white tea powders together with water to create a paste. Apply it to your face, avoiding your eye area, and let sit for 10 minutes before rinsing off to help to increase cell turnover and load your skin with anti aging antioxidants.

Anti Aging Foods: Ginger + Honey
Ginger is rich in an antioxidant called gingerol and raw honey’s antibacterial properties help reduce inflammation, making both of them great anti aging foods.  Mix grated ginger and honey in hot water (to taste) to create a tea that helps to protect your skin against collagen breakdown from the inside out. While you’re in the kitchen, dab raw honey on any blemishes too to help fight bacteria and ease inflammation!

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Anti Aging Foods: Lemons + Sugar
You spend so much time protecting your face from the aging effects of, well, life in desperate pursuit of youthful looking skin for decades to come, but what if we told you that your hands are actually more likely to give away your age than any lines around your eyes. Why? Well, because we hardly ever protect and care of our hands – and they’re exposed to more sun and aging pollution than our faces ever are. Help prevent the loss of elasticity and fullness by making Alexis’ Lemonade Lightening Scrub from her book, The Recipe For Radiance. Just mix lemons and sugar together to create a scrub to gently chemically and physically exfoliate and revive aging skin. Lemon juice contains alpha hydroxyl acid, found in many anti-aging treatments, to help peel away layers of dead skin, while the sugar crystals help slough away dull dead skin.

Anti Aging Foods: Oil
As much as this may rock your entire belief system (well, when it comes to beauty, cleansers, and oils anyway!), washing your skin with oils is a great way both to break down pore clogging sebum (and prevent breakouts!) and to heal dry, weary skin. Head to the kitchen and mix olive oil with carrot oil (to exfoliate) or lavender oil (to calm) and apply it when in the shower.  After massaging the oil into your skin to breakdown makeup, dirt, and oils, rinse with warm water and you’re all set!

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