Anti-Aging Lip Tips

You wouldn’t dream about sunbathing without SPF, always take your makeup off before bed, and apply anti-aging eye cream nightly. But when it comes to your lips, do you have an anti-aging lip routine?

The fact is, our lips not only show the signs of aging, they do so pretty dramatically. (Hello: fine lines and wrinkles and bleeding lipstick!)

To help us combat the signs of aging lips, we asked NYC-based internist Dr. Marina Gafanovich to share her insight. Here are her 5 best anti-aging lip tips.


5 Anti-Aging Lip Tips

Exfoliate + Moisturize. You do it for the rest of your face, so why not your lips? “Run a wet washcloth gently over your lips a few times [to] help exfoliate. After that, moisturize your lips,” says Dr. Marina Gafanovich. Do this daily and your lips will not only be softer than ever, they’ll stay looking youthful too.

Don’t Lick Your Lips. Licking your lips may make them feel temporarily hydrated, but when your saliva evaporates it actually leaves your lips drier than they were to start. And much like dry skin looks older, dry lips look older as well.

Wear SPF. Just as the sun ages your skin, it also ages your lips. As Dr. Marina Gafanovich explains, “Just like we use sunscreen to protect our skin, lips also get affected by exposure to ultraviolet rays.” Want to avoid lip wrinkles? Apply a lip balm with SPF regularly.

Don’t Smoke. This should be a no-brainer, but just in case you need a reminder: smoking is not only terrible for you, it also causes fine lines and wrinkles (yes, also around your lips!).

Avoid Dark Lipstick. You may think darker lipsticks will help conceal the signs of aging lips, but, as Dr. Marina Gafanovich explains, “the reality is that dark colors end up emphasizing the signs of aging.” She also suggests using a brush to apply lipstick for a lighter application saying, “heavy coating plays a major role in worsening the appearance of lips.”

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