By Alix Turoff

Most of us have some kind of routine when it comes to taking care of our faces whether it’s a simple face-wash or a cocktail of creams that aim to reduce pimples, slow the signs of aging and brighten eyes. What many of us don’t realize, though, is that we tend to neglect an important area that is one of the first indicators of age: the neck.

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The neck and chest area need some extra TLC when it comes to preventing sagging (and the horror of “turkey neck”). As Erica Chung, co-founder of 3LAB, explained to us, the neck requires more preventative measures than does the face and body because of a difference in muscle and bone structure. The skin is much thinner, less elastic and has fewer pores, making it difficult for the skin to stay moist. And, because your neck twists every time your head moves, the skin on your neck tends to age the fastest. So how do you prevent the dreaded gobble-gobble turkey neck? We’re glad you asked…

Use a Good Neck Cream. A good neck cream will be light and not oily. Keep your eyes out for Nano-Claire GYTM, the first bio-engineered growth hormone, which mimics the hormones that decrease with age and aid cell renewal. Zinc, copper and magnesium also firm the skin and prevent sagging. We tried out the best products on the market when it comes to neck care and couldn’t wait to share them with you!

Miss Oops Headshot Firming Neck & Chest Cream, $24,
This rich (but not oily) firming cream has SPF 30, algae, yeast, rosemary and Echinacea extracts to help skin stay moist and firm. The fragrance was light and not at all overwhelming and our skin appeared tighter after just a few weeks.

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Dr. Brandt Time Arrest V-Zone Neck Cream, $60,
With an SPF 30 as well as Glycolic Acid to exfoliate, Shea Butter to moisturize and Vitamin C to prevent damage, this restorative cream has been shown to tighten the skin by increasing moisture levels, stimulating cell renewal and softening the appearance.

Phytomer Décolleté Parfait, $85.50,
The décolleté area is just as important to take care of as the neck and one of the first areas to show wrinkling, dark spots and sagging. Avoid all this by applying Phytomer’s silky gel. Don’t let the price deter you, this product will last a long time – and you know what they say, “you get what you pay for.”

StriVectin Neck Cream, $90,
A neck care article wouldn’t be complete without mentioning StriVectin. This cream, perfect for sensitive skin, increases elasticity and firms the skin with results practically guaranteed in less than a month, and increasing with continued use.

3LAB ‘Perfect’ Neck Cream, $120,
With advanced anti-aging ingredients, including 3LAB’s bio-engineered growth hormone, this cream will not only help fight the signs of aging but also contains effective skin-contouring ingredients to reduce the appearance of double chins!

Preventative Tricks. There area few preventative measures you can take, without any products, to keep the skin on your neck youthful.

Apply sunscreen to the neck daily.

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Sleep on your back. (Sleeping on your side causes creases on the chest and neck because of the way that the skin folds.)

Do not direct your blow dryer to the sides of your neck!  The heat causes the blood vessels to dilate, eventually leading to discoloration.

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