By Jessie Leventhal

When you see or hear the word deodorant, you’re probably not thinking of anything glamorous (at least we don’t!). Usually, we just run to our nearest drugstore and pick up the most visually appealing, best smelling deodorants and slather them on, hoping for the best results. However, for a product that fights off body odor and keeps us smelling fresh, we don’t nearly give deodorant as much respect as we very well should give it! We mean, lets face it, none of us would have jobs – let alone social lives – if it weren’t for this miracle product!

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Guess what? We are not the only ones who believe deodorant deserves a more esteemed reputation! Luxe beauty brands have released miraculous, award-winning deodorants designed to make you look, feel and smell clean or odor-free all day long. While there are certainly a handful of drug store deodorants that we admire, we place these deodorants in a much higher, entirely separate category (one which we feel is well worth the price!).

8 Glam Deodorants

1.  Kiehl’s Deodorant Crème, $14 at

2.  L’Occitane Purifying Roll-On Deodorant, $16

3.  Clarins Gentle Care Deodorant, $16 at

4.  Fresh Sugar Deodorant Antiperspirant, $18 at

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5.  Donna Karan ‘Cashmere Mist’ Deodorant/ Antiperspirant, $18 at

6.  Lavanilla The Healthy Deodorant Vanilla Lavender, $18 at

7.  Pristine Beauty Take A Whiff Natural Deodorant, $22 at

8.  Cartier Pasha Deodorant Stick,  $30 at

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