Are You Neglecting Your Neck?

Are you neglecting your neck? The fact is that many women stop their skincare routine at their chins – but what about that delicate neck skin. You put bronzer on it, but do you wash it off? You fear a gobble-gobble neck as you age, but are you treating it with the same care you do your face? If not, don’t worry! We’re here to get you back on track with the help of skincare guru Renée Rouleau. Following her many travels to France, Renée Rouleau saw how diligent French women were about extending all their skin care treatments on to the neck and décolleté area – and to much benefit! Want to get in on this French skincare secret? Read on!

Here is Renée’s 3-step neck and chest treatment to get the skin smooth and soft…

Step 1: Apply a thin coat an acid or enzyme peel (like Renée Rouleau Triple Berry Smoothing Peel or Pumpkin Smoothing Peel) to the neck and chest area. Leave on for 5-7 minutes. (Caution: because the skin on the neck is far more sensitive than that on the face or chest, it’s suggested to patch test neck beforehand.) Rinse well and wipe off with facial sponges or a baby washcloth…

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Step 2:  While looking upward to keep the skin taut, apply a facial scrub to the front and sides of the neck and massage lightly in circular motions for 60 seconds. Look upwards when massaging a facial scrub on the neck as it will tighten the skin and make exfoliating easier. Since the skin on the neck is delicate, it’s important to use a facial scrub (Renée Rouleau Micro Crystal Cream) that doesn’t contain natural grains such as walnut husks, apricot kernels, seeds or shell powders as they can scratch and irritate the skin. We also recommend that you don’t apply a lot of pressure when using a scrub. Rinse well and wipe with facial sponges or a baby washcloth.

Step 3: Apply a moisturizing cream-based mask (like Renée Rouleau Pure Radiance Mask) to the exfoliated areas and leave on 10-15 minutes. Cream-based masks can be tissued-off to avoid the need for moisturizer.

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Daily tips for the neck and chest…

Don’t neglect your neck. Make sure your moisturizer with sunscreen is applied to the neck and the sides of the neck every day.

Are you a side sleeper? Side sleeping causes deep vertical creases on the chest since the skin folds in that position. Try to sleep on your back.

Avoid directing your blow dryer on the sides of your neck as it will dilate the blood vessels resulting in a reddish-toned neck in your later years.

The secret to perkier skin!