Anti-Aging Hand Tips from a Hand Model

Take it from a woman who makes her living one hand job to the next.

As a parts model, Adele Uddo’s hands have been featured in commercials, magazines and doubled for those of celebrities. And if you saw her hands you’d know why!

With hands that make you wish you started lathering on the Creme de La Mer at the ripe ‘ole age of 14 to maintain that youthful plumpness and even skin tone, Adele has learned, through the thick (and thinning skin) of it all, some simple tricks that will dramatically prolong the perfection of your paws.

Here, Adele is sharing her best anti-aging hand tips (even if you don’t need hand jobs to make a living).

5 Anti-Aging Hand Tips

Lotion. For heavenly hands at any age: Moisturize those Mitts! If you do nothing else, this is hands-down (cleaver, we know!) the most important. As skin ages, it loses moisture so keeping your skin and nails hydrated is key to healthy hands.

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Diet. Your skin is your largest organ and eating natural, whole foods that hydrate, protect and regenerate your skin from the inside out and will help your skin look supple and radiant at any age

Cuticle Oil. Oil is the best way to maintain soft cuticles and nourish surrounding skin. Pure coconut, almond and/or olive oil work wonders on transforming cracked claws into flawless fingertips.

Sunscreen. Most of us put sunscreen on our faces daily, but we forget to protect our hands. If your SPF is too sticky, mix sunscreen with an of SPF 20 or higher with your favorite hand cream for noticeably less damage over the decades.

Gloves. Protecting your hands from the elements will slow the aging process. Wear rubber gloves when washing the dishes since hot water dries and dehydrates hands and warm hand with gloves in the winter too since icy temperatures cause hands to look weathered.

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