How To Get Hot Armpits

4 Tips For Sexy Armpits

Feel like no matter how often you shave your armpits you’re still embarrassed by the 5-o’clock shadow happening under your arms?

You’re definitely not alone. In fact, apparently this is a relatively common occurrence. (Well, according to a very un-official research study that took place in the back of a limo with 4 beauty editors and 2 publicists so, ya know, take this all with a grain of salt…)

Feel like your armpits are always a bit dark, stubbly, and, well, just not as sexy as you’d like them to be? Here’s what you need to know…

How To Get Sexier Armpits

Permanently Get Rid Of That Sh*t

Laser hair removal is – by far – the best way to semi-permanently tackle this “problem.” (I put this in quotes because, well, #FirstWorldProblems.) Sure, it’s pricey, a bit painful (albeit no more painful than waxing), and requires multiple visits. But, once the process is done, you’ll neither have to worry about hair on your armpits, nor 5 o’clock shadow. (Did you know: the 5 o’clock shadow you see is actually just hair trapped under the surface?!) Bye Felicia!

Use A Damn Good Razor

If you’re not up for laser hair removal, it’s time you took your shaving routine to the next level. And, no, it’s not about the number of blades (as much as Gillette would like you to think otherwise). It is, though, about the sharpness of the blades. So, how do you know how sharp the blades are? You replace them often! Nothing ensures a shitty shave more than dull blades, so make sure to change your razor blades often.

Get Down With Aftershave

Men jumped on this bandwagon a long time ago and it’s about time we followed suit. The one we’re adding to our armpits’ beauty routine: Guise Etiquette Aftershave! Why, you ask? Well, because of its amazingly fresh scent. Fine, it’s not just about the scent… though it’s amazing! It is about the amazing plant-based tonic formula, which is packed with antioxidants, neroli oil, and colloidal silver. All of which work together to prevent and heal razor burn, reduce the appearance of bumps, repair damaged skin, and reduce inflammation.

Use A Healing + Brightening Deodorant

Dove Advanced Care Clear Tone Skin Renew Deodorant not only gives you 48-hours of antiperspirant protection, it also helps to reduce darkness under your armpits. The key: its special formula packed with moisturizers, calendula, and sunflower seed oil, which help protect skin from irritation and prevent dark marks.

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