Band-Aid As Accessory: Adult Mickey Bandages Go Chic

By Jillian Fleischman

It’s probably happened to you before: you get a paper cut or scrape and the only protection within grasp is a plain old (and, need we say, boring) Band-Aid. Sure, as adults, we’d like to think we are sophisticated. We’d like to think we are beyond Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck and the characters that made us laugh when we were little. But, let’s be honest, a little show-tunes never hurt anyone (especially not our paper cuts). And while wearing a Band-Aid for a few days isn’t exactly a huge deal, it’s our prediction that you’d gladly reach for the one that looks more stylish, while still retaining a sense of maturity. Well, listen up ladies, as we’ve got some information to share with you gals that’s sure to come in handy in a situation like this: you can embrace the kid in you and still seem “adult.”

Another way to tap into your inner kid (and get fit too)!

We at The Beauty Bean have come across another unusual way to be fashionable: adult Mickey Band-Aids ($2.75) for the kid at heart. Now, we know common sense says we shouldn’t bring attention to our ouchies, but those over at Band-Aid have us rethinking this strategy. They’re capitalizing on a market that until now has gone unnoticed and, we have to say, we can’t believe no one has come up with it sooner! They’ve just released a new line of “adult” Band-Aids that radiate maturity and brighten up the boring, traditional adhesive.

A trendy throw-back to our Swatch watches!

These grown-up stickies come in a sleek, black box that is guaranteed to stand out on store shelves, while the patterns reinvent the ones we loved when we were kids (and definitely still have a soft spot for in our hearts!). The traditional Mickey comes back to life, except this time with new zing. And, even better, the box is mixed with both classy black-and-white patterns and bright colors. Our personal fave? Mickey and Minnie sharing a romantic kiss!

Our boo-boos can say bye-bye to childish or single-colored band-aids. Adult ouchies have met their mate!

The new Adult Mickey Mouse Band-Aids are available now at Target!

Get perfect eyebrows (no Band-Aids necessary).