Beauty Oils: 5 Uses For More Radiant Skin

Game-Changing Beauty Oils For Radiant Skin

By Courtney Leiva

Scared of oils in your beauty products?

You’re not alone!

Fact is, oil has gotten a bad rep over the last few years. (It’s why we see “oil-free” everything in the beauty aisle!) But beauty oil’s reputation as a pore clogger is neither warranted, nor here to stay!

Thanks to new product innovations and formulas, beauty oils couldn’t be any hotter. Although there is a misconception that oils tend to clog our pores therefore leading to unwanted blemishes and breakouts, these new, non-clogging formulas give your face just the right amount of essential oil it needs to stay smooth and supple all-day long, without the risk of a breakout.

Not sure which oil to pick? From facial to body oils, we’re rounding up our favorite beauty picks, and providing tips and tricks on how to wear them.

5 Uses For Beauty Oils

Cleansing Beauty Oils. Cleansing oils are a great way to remove traces of makeup and give your skin that delicate cleanse you deserve. The Tatcha Pure One Step Camelia Cleansing Oil ($48) is great for melting away waterproof makeup with its mineral-oil-free blend of camellia and rice bran oils, which will leave your skin pure and clean with continued use. For dull skin, try the Shu Uemura Whitefficient Clear Brightening Gentle Cleansing Oil ($81), which is extremely handy for revving up a dull complexion, as it effectively uses a special Vitamin C and Mito-White Complex to help clarify and brighten sallow-looking complexions. To use facial cleansing oils properly, use with warm water and a cotton cloth to successfully wipe off the day’s worth of dirt and impurities. Follow with a toner and moisturizer, for super clean skin.

Moisturizing Beauty Oils. Aside from cleansing, beauty oils can help dry skin immensely by replenishing lost moisture. Also, much like a serum, beauty oils can add essential fatty acids and antioxidants to your skin, giving it a radiant looking glow. For a luxurious beauty oil fix, the La Prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil ($300) will give your face that million-dollar shine with its combination of exotic and rare Swiss oils. Simply apply one to two drops, every other day, to your face and neck after cleansing for best results.

Beauty Oils For Eyes. Move over, heavy eye creams, there’s a new player in town: eye oils! We especially love the Josh Rosebrook Oculus Formula ($70), an oil-based eye treatment packed with herbal infusions to transform your skin at the cellular level, protecting and regenerating delicate skin, visibly brightening, firming and strengthening, minimizing and preventing fine lines.

All-In-One Beauty Oils. If you’re looking for a one-size-fits-all beauty oil, look no further than Argan oil. It’s no wonder why the ingredient is such a crowdpleaser, as its nutrient-dense formula helps keep both the hair and skin ultra smooth and super radiant, without weighing your hair down or clogging your pores. For your daily dose of Argan, check out the Mychelle Advanced Argan Oil ($14.50) which is loaded with essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

SPF Beauty Oils. Whether you just love beauty oils and want more, or hate sunscreen, you need to check out the L’Occitane Jenipapo Oil SPF 15 ($30)! With Brazilian Jenipapo extract for a truly intoxicating scent as well as added sun protection (hello SPF 15!), this beauty oil is a game changer. Just spray on this lightweight body oil each morning for a non-greasy dose of beauty-boosting oil with SPF.