By Courtney Leiva

Like family heirlooms passed down from generation to generation, grandma has certainly told us all a thing or two about beauty. From top beauty bloggers to successful beauty experts, these fabulous women share lifelong secrets grandma taught them.

8 Beauty Experts Share The Beauty Secrets They Learned From Grandma

Cynthia Sass

Three time New York Times bestselling author and SHAPE Contributing Editor Cynthia Sass contributes her glowing skin to her grandmother’s insistence with good nutrition starting with the basics such as fruits and veggies.

My grandmother taught me to eat my fruits and veggies for glowing skin, and she was right. In one recent study scientists found that the faces of women who ate lots of produce were rated as more attractive than those with a suntan. 

Erika Katz

Erika Katz, Huffington Post contributor and author of Bonding over Beauty, shares her Hungarian grandmother’s beauty routine including vinegar, baby powder, and of course lipstick.

My grandmother used to make me put vinegar in my hair to make it shiny, Vaseline intensive Care lotion all over my body after a shower, baby powder under arms to stay dry, and Jean Nate bath splash instead of perfume.  She also told me to put sour cream on my face to moisturize and never go in the sun without a hat.  She also said I should never even go to the laundry room without lipstick.  She was Hungarian and had beautiful skin.


Jennifer Matthews

Grandma always encouraged My Beauty Bunny founder Jen Matthews to embrace bold beautiful brows.

My grandma always said, don’t pluck your eyebrows too much and she was right.


Jeannine Morris

Jeannine Morris may be the face behind Beauty Sweet Spot, but her grandmother’s love of Pond’s Cold Cream helped Jeannine realize the importance of skincare.

When I was young, I always used to sleep at my grandma’s house and she always used to use Pond’s Cold Cream to take off her makeup at night and wash her face. I remember she made us use it to wash up before bed and always told us that it was like her miracle product because it was gentle and did everything. My grandma has the best skin still and I think looking back, that’s when I started realizing the importance of skincare.

Shyema Azam

Named as one of Cosmopolitan’s influential and up-and-coming blogs, Beauty and the Feast is managed by multitalented Shyema Azam. Featuring unique and earthy ingredients, Shyema shares her grandma’s recipes for perfect glowing skin and complexion.

For soft glowing skin, mix 1tbs almond oil, 1/2 tsp honey and apply on face and wash after 20 minutes.


Grace Gold

She’s interviewed the likes of Kim Kardashian and Claire Danes, but beauty journalist and expert Grace Gold can’t stress enough her grandmother’s tips of full brows and kindness.

Always keep groomed but FULL brows. Remove the strays and shape a gentle arch, but always, always keep them full – and even a bit ‘too’ full. Learn how to do your brows yourself, and don’t let anyone else touch them – because they will take too much off. “If you listen to me, you’ll be the only one of your friends with naturally full brows after 30.” I’m almost there. But she’s already right! Also, speak kind words. Nana always said women who are most beautiful are so because they make others feel beautiful. Her favorite examples: Princess Diana, Queen Noor and Princess Grace Kelly. She was also a royals fan.

Grace Gold goes makeup free for Makeup Free Mondays!

Milly Almodovar

Serving as the beauty editor at Cosmo Latina, Milly Almodovar of Beauty Logic offers three helpful tips that her grandmother taught her.

First, massage your hair once a week with coconut oil for fabulous hair. Then, make a blueberry and honey mask for soft smooth skin. Last but not least, don’t stress about anything. The only thing stress does besides waste energy is give you wrinkles.


Amber Katz

As the Beauty Blogging Junkie, Amber Katz shares the best beauty tips she’s learned over the years.

Always apply mascara first! You’ll notice you need far less other eye makeup when you do when you have a preview of your “done” lashes.

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