5 Beauty Goals We’re Sticking To

By Chrissy Callahan

Every year around New Year’s it’s always the same thing: people make gobs and gobs of resolutions that they never end up keeping. But, this year, we at The Beauty Bean are determined to set some beauty resolutions we can actually maintain throughout the year.

To help you choose the perfect set of goals for 2011, The Beauty Bean has five realistic and beneficial resolutions we’ll be keeping this year. Get inspired!

We will always wash our faces at bedtime, no matter how tired we are.

We all know how hard it is to muster up the energy to splash water on our faces at night, never mind wash off all our makeup. But we know how important it is to remove our makeup before we go to bed, so we’re vowing to do it every night in 2011! After all, who wants to wake up with raccoon eyes or a multi-colored pillow?

To make sure we keep up our routine, we’re planning to stash a package of VISINE Total Eye Soothing Wipes ($5.99) on our bedside table just in case laziness overtakes our best intentions.

We’ll go natural once in awhile.

Hey you with the heat-driven, daily hair routine and the mascara obsession: Give it a rest! If you’re guilty of the daily blow-dry, flat iron routine and are prone to using pounds of makeup, consider giving yourself a vacation once in awhile.

We here at The Beauty Bean are huge fans of Real Beauty, and think natural is beautiful. Let your hair air-dry once in awhile and save it a bit of heat damage. Even better, go makeup-free on Mondays, and join The Beauty Bean’s ever-growing movement.

We won’t pluck our own eyebrows.

There are just some things best left to the professionals – and eyebrow grooming is one of them. Unless you’re a trained brow expert, chances are you’re a little bit confused about where your arch should start and how much hair you should really have on your brows.

Don’t take any chances; seek help. Get your eyebrows done at a local salon or at least enlist the help of a skilled friend—and second eye—who can save you from a potential disaster.

Over-plucked? We have the solution here!

We will stop thinking of pampering as an indulgence and see it as a necessity.

As busy women, we’re all guilty of sometimes sacrificing pampering in favor of work or helping others. But this year, we promise to pencil pampering time into our busy schedules.

Whether that’s by taking a long bubble bath once a week or getting a massage or facial once in awhile, we promise to take more time for ourselves.

Pampering doesn’t have to be expensive! 3 facials you can make at home!

We will make beauty sleep a priority.

It’s amazing what a good night’s rest can do for your natural beauty. The more sleep you get, the more well-rested you appear and the less makeup you have to use.

This year, we vow to take more care of ourselves and make beauty sleep a priority, not an afterthought.

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