Best Facial for Dull Winter Skin: The SilkPeel

By Alexis Wolfer

For the past few years, microdermabrasion has been our facial of choice for ushering in spring. It has helped us exfoliate the dead, dull cells of winter and allowed us to put what we thought was our freshest face forward in the new season. However, we now stand corrected as we’ve recently discovered the SilkPeel, a treatment that makes microdermabrasion seem nothing short of old-school.

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Available at the Skin Laser and Surgery Specialists of NY & NJ, where Sophia has given us our SilkPeel treatments on multiple occasions (what can we say, we’re obsessed!), the SilkPeel will not only exfoliate but also clarify, brighten and hydrate your face for a glowing complexion that will have everyone asking for your secret.

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Boasting of a diamond-tip applicator,  (fancy, we know,) the SilkPeel exfoliates skin and vacuums away excess oil, blackheads and even fine lines without the risks and health concerns of aluminum-based crystals or other abrasive particles that can irritate the skin. Not only is the SilkPeel a superior technique because of its diamond tip but also because it goes beyond mere exfoliation and actually simultaneously infuses the skin with a serum (specifically formulated for your skin condition) via its Dermalinfusion system. So, rather than typical exfoliating treatments that remove dead cells and then apply products to your skin’s surface, with a SilkPeel treatment the solution is able to penetrate deep into the skin, where it is most effective. And, because the system and serums are fully customizable, the SilkPeel can treat any skin type and many skin conditions from dry to oily to aging, or any combination thereof.

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While we’re partial to the SilkPeel as our springtime facial, with advanced training in chemical peels, therapeutic facial treatments and medical devices used in skin rejuvenation, you can rest assured that, no matter your skin condition, a visit to Sophia will result in a personalized treatment that will leave you with a crystal clear complexion and the confidence of knowing that this spring you really will put your best face forward.

SilkPeel Treatment, $300 (includes deep steam cleansing, SilkPeel treatment, extractions and a customized treatment mask)

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