By Cindy Augustine

The latest facial for a flawless summer complexion is definitely a skin-clearing treatment, just not of the skin you tend to get cleared when getting a facial. Nope, this one’s not for your face, but rather for your (no-longer) private parts.

Whether you suffer from razor burn, ingrown hairs, hyper-pigmentation or (almost) any other concern “down there,” the experts at Completely Bare have developed the skincare solution for you. Sure, they’re known as the hair removal experts (best known for their laser hair removal and (almost) pain-free waxing), but for women for whom hair removal is only half the battle, Completely Bare is here to wage war on the second half as well, guaranteeing you, if nothing else, a winning bikini line and bum too.

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Cindy Barshop, Completely Bare owner and hair removal expert, came up with the idea for the Bikini/Bum Facial to combat the effects of all hair-down-there situations gone awry. Whether you suffer from ingrown hairs, clogged pores, acne, age spots, hyper-pigmentation, razor burn, waxing-wrongdoings or rough skin, the Bikini/Bum Facial is the solution.

After cleansing the area, the facialist (we’ll call her that since we’re not quite sure that “vaj-acialist” has caught on yet) uses Crystal Microdermabrasion to exfoliate dead skin, fade scars from formerly ingrown hairs and lighten skin darkened from pulling during waxing. Afterwards, your nether-regions are steamed (to open the pores and help with the extractions of ingrown hairs and acne), extracted (if need be) and soothed (with an organic mask to close the pores and balance the skin) before an LED light is used to reduce pigmentation, prevent bacteria and acne and detoxify.

While the $225 price tag is a bit steep, those with truly problematic skin in the bikini area will find the treatment well worth the fee. Just think, what’s it worth to be able to say “so-long” to your sarong without fear of embarrassment (and what, really, would you charge to vaj-acial someone else?!).

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Not quite in need of a Bikini/Bum Facial but nevertheless in need of some bikini/bum beautification? Daily at-home exfoliation, with a scrub or loofah, and treatment, with a product like Completely Bare’s Bikini Bump Blaster ($32) or Shaveworks’ The Cool Fix ($25), should do the trick. If the problem persists, though, a below-the-belt facial just may be the solution.

The Bikini/Bum Facial, $225, for locations.

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