Bikini Waxing: Would You DIY?

By Lindsay Tigar

Most women strive for independence. It may come in the form of excelling in our over-demanding jobs, finally declaring freedom from a toxic relationship or impressing ourselves by mastering the smoky-eye without texting or Googling for help. We wanted to know if waxing was one of those things we could master ourselves, or if it’s one element of beauty upkeep that should be left to a professional. To find out, we gave ourselves a crash-course in at-home waxing. A few mishaps later, (professional “waxistas” we are not,) we’re here to give you the hairy truth on DIY waxing.

Bikini: There are some places on a woman’s body that should be completely off-limits to at-home waxing kits. No matter how much they promise it won’t hurt or irritate, how expensive or inexpensive it is –there is no product that can guarantee not to damage or burn your down under region or leave not-so-lovely lady lumps. In full support of rendezvous or tropical adventures requiring a bikini wax, we believe if you’re going to go hairless full frontal – don’t do it alone. Our Verdict: Go to a Pro.

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Legs: For most of us, our legs are easy enough to wax at home. The hair tends to all grow in one direction (except by our knees, anyway) and most of us are flexible enough to reach all applicable areas. That being said, we here at The Beauty Bean think that shaving is considerably easier and we’re not convinced that the benefit of waxing our legs (primarily that we can go a few weeks without having to even think about our legs), is worth the added pain or the need to grow out our hair to ¼ inch before removal. Our Verdict: Safe for DIY.

Eyebrows: They may not seem very tricky, but eyebrows play such a prominent part in your overall look (remember when Christina’s mother-in-law-to-be on Grey’s Anatomy axed her eyebrows? Scary, right?). So, it’s important to proceed with caution when trying to clean up your duo, even with the precision of tweezers. Not only can the wax easily irritate your sensitive facial skin, but also, once the wax is in place, there is no turning back – and let’s just say we learned the hard way how difficult it is to create an even look on your own face. If you’re set on DIY brow waxing (and, again, we’re not advocates of this), Hair Off Instant Eyebrow Shapers, are tiny strips that don’t require heat –they’re actually cold – so, at the very least, you’ll be less likely to burn yourself. Our Verdict: Go to a Pro.

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Underarms: While it may seem like a super-easy waxing feat (just lift up your arm and bam!), this super sensitive area can be quite tricky and painful – and should be handled with care. Even with Parissa Natural Wax Strips ($10.95), the underarm can be extremely painful if not treated with the utmost of care and precision – in fact, our underarms burned for days after trying it – and the hair grows in all different directions making it exponentially more complicated. Just think how irritated your underarms can get from shaving, so, when waxing, it’s important to remember how delicate the skin is. Also, while we don’t recommend letting the underarm hair grow to abnormal lengths, if you’re going to try waxing –you gotta’ let it grow to at least a quarter of an inch for easy-waxing-access, which can be unsightly come summer. Our Verdict: Go to a Pro.


Upper Lip, Chin and Toes: Yes, it’s ok to admit that even as women who are perfectly flawless and hairless (as far as our boyfriends know anyways), sometimes, hair sneaks up on us in tricky places. For those random hairs on our toes, upper lip and chin – invest in tiny waxing strips. Sally Hansen offers Natural Bare Waxing Strips for Faces & Little Spaces ($6.49), the perfect kit to get rid of those pesky hairs. The kit offers an easy step-by-step guide to keep away irritation and burning, just be sure to follow instructions carefully in order to protect your skin and keep the unwanted hair away. Our Verdict:Safe for DIY.

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